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n Astrologer Mr.Dhawal Bhalla Ji comes from a religious and simple living family of northen India. due to religious background his interest was more towards mystical and the para-normal subjects. From his childhood he is fond of reading mystical books (granths) and use to search about these subjects. Then he found his deep interest in astrology and then he spent in detailed research and Study of astrology, numerology, gemology, palmistry and vastu.

He has established an Exclusive Identity of his own by his deep Study, thinking & Research & Knowledge of Kundali predictions, refer Stones, vastu visit, numerology, varshfal, prashan shastra, palmistry, and with various systems of Astrology he is their for you to guide you from the problems coming in your way with his powerful remedies to show you the way to your success which are very very effective also.

- See more at: https://www.kantaastro.com/about-us/#sthash.HbfYaKvy.dpuf

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